I’ve been through a lot of changes. 


Plenty of moves, major health transformations, relationships, multiple degrees and certifications, and roles with nearly 20 companies and across the globe. Change is constant!


My superpowers are helping people and organizations bring awareness to the perceptions and behaviors keeping them from creating change that sticks and providing the catalyzing energy to make it happen.


My approach is custom to every client - something a book, course, or YouTube video series can’t offer. 


Let’s start with a conversation.



“You helped save my life and still do everyday.


I was in the hospital for about a week [when I reached out to you].


I’ve been self-harming for years and dealing with suicide for months. I was diagnosed with a disorder that affects a chemical imbalance in my brain. There’s no cure.


Your positive light is so contagious. It’s thanks to people like you, genuine people, who keep me going.


You are an inspiration to us all.

—  Kara W.

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