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What I've discovered collaborating with people in many industries across the globe is that whether I’m working with a child, adult, or an entire group or business, is that they all tend to overthink everything. However, there is one common thread that connects them all.




I’ve made it my mission to ensure each and every person and organization I touch can exceed their expectations, be better than their best, and unlock their limitless potential while having fun and learning about themselves and the world while doing it.


What is Rock Solid all about?

Life is every bit of what you make it to be.

I believe authenticity is key. As a no-nonsense, fun-loving, positive, and forward-facing person, I strive to inspire others to embrace who they are at every stage of life and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Sometimes we grow in place, sometimes we grow up, and sometimes we grow out - and every instance is equally as important as the other.

Being "Rock Solid" is about creating the strong foundation for life while recognizing there are peaks and valleys along our way. Our interests and goals change over time and should flex with us as we create our unique life experience.


My promise to you is to share my experience and interests in entertainment, lifestyle, physical and social wellness, personal development, and anything else I find interesting so we may share a common ground and contribute to each others lives. 

All I ask is for you to share how it impacts you.


“You helped save my life and still do everyday.


I was in the hospital for about a week [when I reached out to you].


I’ve been self-harming for years and dealing with suicide for months. I was diagnosed with a disorder that affects a chemical imbalance in my brain. There’s no cure.


Your positive light is so contagious. It’s thanks to people like you, genuine people, who keep me going.


You are an inspiration to us all.

—  Kara W.

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