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You've read all the books ...
Listened to all the podcasts ...
Followed every "guru"...
Transformation isn't a one-size experience,
your approach shouldn't be either.
We have 90 days to get you, your relationship,
your business, or your team rock-solid
so you can kick ass.

We’ve all been in a place where we want more and to do better - to truly be the absolute best we can be - but we're TIRED.
We seek out guidance from books, podcasts, TikTok, and friends or family.
The problem is, just like us, our challenges and development in our personal and professional lives are unique and the guidance we get from those sources is often too generic to get us to act.
Honestly, a lot of it is bullshit.
On top of that, the coaching industry is filled with people who aren’t actually coaching.

So now you've tried everything, are in the same place, and you're EXHAUSTED

Together, we'll create a custom transformational experience including coaching and education, mixed with some direct, honest feedback and fun to get you reenergized, powerful, and kicking ass at your peak.

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Benefits of Working with Me

  • I offer endless energy 

  • You'll have space to be (or discover) yourself (your real self)

  • We'll sort your thoughts and feelings so you can get what you want out of life, love, and your career 

  • I challenge your trash mentality 

  • We'll design a custom experience for you or your team to get from where you are (unsuccessful and stuck) to where you want to be (powerful and kicking ass


Your typical go-to’s don’t always have the ability to see you as you are or call you out when you’re doing something you’ll regret. They can’t always hear the things you, your spouse, or your team members don’t say or recognize when your body is saying something different than your words.


These abilities, my knowledge, and energy are my superpowers.


Everyone who knows and has worked with me says I’m ‘scary’ good at getting to the bottom of what’s really going on and then helping find just the right way forward so you can be successful.

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My Offerings

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1-1 Personal, Executive, or Couple's Coaching

This 1-1 time is completely dedicated to you. It's my job to listen, energize, and organize without stalling.


Come ready to put in work.

Our focus is about getting to the core of who you are, what we need to address, and creating a custom, flexible plan to develop the rock solid foundation you need to kick ass long-term.

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Team Coaching

Your team lacks agility, innovation, leadership or effective communication. Let's face it, in this new era of work - it's  easy to become disconnected from the values of the organization, from each other, and from the work.


It's too easy to suck.

Our focus is on using a custom mix of coaching, assessments, and organizational development strategies to get your team to kick-ass.

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Business Consulting

You've hit a major roadblock. You know you want your business to grow, but lack the time, energy, and inspiration to map out exactly what you need.

Your strategy sucks.

We'll focus on identifying the pain points, getting you clear on your direction, developing kick-ass goals, and ensuring you are set up (mentally and systemically) for success. 

Rock Solid coaching has helped me through many life events. There have been so many times I was unsure and confused and the first person I would reach out to was Rock. You can trust him with any life choices and not experience any judgment. 10/10 would recommend! Life’s always a little bit easier when you have a solid coach to call on!

Alexandria B.

Contact Me

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