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Hi, I'm Rock.

Born to a French-Canadian father and a Greek mother in the late 80's, I was active in the performing arts from a very young age. Taking major roles in many productions and performing numerous solo singing acts throughout my years prepared me for success in working with others. 

After performing in live major acting and singing showcases, music videos and attracting the personal attention of America’s Got Talent producers, in 2014 I started my coaching practice, Rock Solid Coaching, which was primarily focused on entertainment coaching. I completed my certification in personal and corporate coaching through CoachU in 2015 and evolved my practice to include an expanded focus on happiness, resilience, mindset, and relationships among hundreds of other personal and corporate topics.

Overcoming many adversities including bullying, weight, and challenges at home, I've learned that nothing is impossible when we have the right mindset, resources, and support. Everything in my life has been unconventional - I own it, and it's what sets me apart. I don't sugarcoat, I'm direct, and I'm hyper-intuitive and those I get the pleasure of working with benefit from this!

Born from the personal experience of a diverse life and a desire to energize others to actualize their kick-ass life experience, Rock Solid serves as a fresh and fully-custom approach to crafting an individual’s authentic and fulfilling life or building a successful business.

At Home.

While I've lived in 4 states and have visited 8 countries, I currently reside in Massachusetts with my wife Christina and our three dogs Lily, Rosie, and Rock (yes, same name - I'll share the story of how when we connect!). Christina is pursuing a Master's in Public Health with aspirations to attain her doctorate in naturopathic medicine. One day, we hope to join forces and open our own wellness practice focused on mind and body. 

In addition to working with kids, teens, adults and organizations through Rock Solid Coaching, I regularly reply to anonymous contributions on my blog, Ask Doc. Rock. I am also a member of the board for Camp Willow - a camp for kids with disabilities. You can read more about Camp Willow here.

In our free time (as rare as it may be) we spend time hiking, continuing our spiritual and overall wellness education, and enjoying the various beautiful moments and experiences life has to offer.

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