Ready to take it to the next level?
Here's how we can work together.


One on one.

Sometimes we need a little extra, personal attention. Whether we're working on building your empire or strengthening your acting chops - this 1-1 time is completely dedicated to you. These are typically 60-90 minutes each.

Some Things I've Helped with:

  • Initiating + navigating changes

  • Developing confidence

  • Goal setting and execution

  • Mindfulness education + practice

  • Accountability practices

  • Leadership development + Exec Coaching

  • Relationship building

  • Public Speaking

  • Commercial acting prep

Workshops and Groups.

Workshops are great for building teams through collaboration, being able to observe others, and pick up a few new tricks of your own! Group sizes are typically 3-20 and can range from 60-120 minutes to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session.

Prior Workshops:

  • Team building/Trust

  • Core values

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Change Management

  • Peer coaching

  • Scene study

  • Improv


  • Resource identification

  • Mindset shifting

  • High performing team training

  • Career development

All coaching can be done in-person or over your preferred video conferencing software (FaceTime, Zoom , Google Hangout, etc.)

Stop trying to be someone else. You are a genuine human, and you deserve to live your truth through a life you love. Let's make it happen!



In addition to years of practical experience and countless testimonials, I am a proud holder of multiple degrees and certifications. I believe in continuing education and am always pursuing new opportunities to learn and elevate my profession.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the ICF (2022)

  • BSBA Business Administration/Management from the Manning Business School at University of Massachusetts, Lowell

  • BSBA Marketing/Communications from the Manning Business School at University of Massachusetts, Lowell

  • Core Essentials Graduate of CoachU, an International Coaching Federation accredited university.

" Rock Solid coaching has helped me through many life events. There have been so many times i was unsure and confused and the first person i would reach out to was Rock. You can trust him with any life choices and not experience any judgment. 10/10 would recommend! Life’s always a little bit easier when you have a solid coach to call on!"

-Alexandria B.

Rock came into our world several years ago when he coached and worked with our son as our son was pursuing a passion he had. Rock was encouraging, supportive and he truly cares about the people he works with. His passion for helping others and his talents have made Rock not just a coach to us, but also a dear friend.


-Wendy S.